AA21 Poster: Fans Can’t Wait for Koratala to Deliver

allu-arjun-21-poster-fans-cant-wait-for-koratala-to-deliverThough it was expected, right from the official announcement came, Allu Arjun’s fans excitement has been on the next level with huge buzz garnered from the beginning of the project itself. It was just an announcement, but it created a huge buzz.

Excited fans can’t wait till Koratala Siva actually delivers something and comes up with something interesting. The fan-made posters with good quality have been circulating on social media and this is keeping the excitement intact.

Besides the fan-made poster, there are a lot of speculations going on with regarding to the story of the film based on the concept poster of Allu Arjun and Koratala Siva project.

If this is the case at the beginning itself, one can understand how would be the excitement levels of the fans once the film starts rolling.

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