Akkineni Family Hero Trying for Image Makeover. Will It Work?

Akkineni family hero Sumanth is all set to try his luck with his next film, Kapatadaari. The movie is the official remake of Kannada Blockbuster, Kavuludaari which released in 2019. Going by trailer, the movie looks a faithful remake. The last three films of Sumanth – Subrahmanyapuram, Idam Jagath, and now, Kapatadhaari have a pattern.

All the three films are subjects which are different from Sumanth’s Soft image. It indicates that the actor is trying to try something different. But then, success is evading him as the last two films failed at the Box Office. Let us see what is in store for him with Kapatadaari.

Kapatadaari is the story of Gowtham (Sumanth) who is posted in a traffic department but his heart is in the Crime Department. One day, he stumbles upon an old case which he tries to solve without any co-operation from the department. He takes the help of a retired policeman (Nasser) to crack the case.

It is not known if the makers will wait for the theaters to open or go for an Online Release. A film of this genre is best suited for Digital Release. We shall see what they decide. Releasing the teaser at this juncture may indicate a possibility of an online release.

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