Big Disappointment to The Master Heroine!

Master-heroine-Malavika-MohananMaster‘ came as Sankranthi release and just proved that it’s a movie made for fans solely, nothing out of the box nor a disappointment for fans. However, the heroine of the movie ys for a big disappointment.

Being cast in a big star’s movie like Vijay, it’s natural that she pinned a lot of hopes on the movie. However, it’s now clear that this movie isn’t going to help her career in any way. Even if the entire thread featuring Malavika Mohanan is removed, it won’t make any difference to the film.

There are hardly any scenes with the heroine and in the minimal scenes she was present, they were very dull with nothing adding to the film or to the heroine’s personal repertoire.

That simply says that it’s not always good for a heroine to be cast in a big hero’s film because her role might not be well-written. Sometimes, even the screen space is so less that the role night not even register.

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