E-olympiad set to quiz Indian students on GK

For school-goers, quizzes like olympiads can be both experiential and experimental learning outside the classroom. With learning having gone digital, an online nationwide GK olympiad for school students is all set to test young minds on their general knowledge, and make e-education a bit more exciting, even during school closures.

Mind Wars, a multiplatform knowledge programme promoted by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd has announced India’s largest online general knowledge Olympiad 2020, intending to identify, encourage, and promote students towards achieving a better tomorrow. The national-level championship will begin in November 2020, and it is open to students of classes 4 to 12 from all education boards across India.

The 20-minute exam comprises relevant and interesting general awareness question across 5 topics per class, that aims at improving students’ ability and growth in the coming years. Furthermore, it is formulated based on the results of a detailed survey of principals and teachers from across 5,000 Indian schools pan India.

“Quizzes and puzzles are a great way of experiential as well as experimental learning for kids. The play and competitiveness associated with quizzing also makes it fun and engaging. Knowledge gained in such engaging manner is retained better by a budding mind. Also, it helps develop positive behavioural and response patterns for kids in their formative years. The Mind Wars GK Olympiad provides platform for kids to prepare and practise for quizzes before they play the competitive Olympiad. It also provides opportunity for kids to re-try and improve their scores. In this manner the program is designed to encourage kids for pursuing a goal of continuous learning and improvement,” Umesh Kr Bansal, Sr. Vice President, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, told IANSlife.

Olympiads have been a part of the school activities for decades. They are widely accepted and respected form of evaluating and recognising the capabilities of school students. Olympiad certificates have been part of the extra-curricular achievements for children as they appear for competitive exams and higher studies, he added.

The term GK is firmly associated with general intelligence, therefore understanding the significance of things that happen in our life. Participation in test like Olympiad makes students learn it through quizzes and puzzles in turn enabling them to be more decisive and confident in career, is the driving thought behind the online olympiad.

Students from all streams and any Board can compete to be recognised at the school, state and national level.

Going with the times, the organisers have made the Olympiad completely digital from registration, to practise, to the final competitive exam as well. The participating students can give the exam on a date of their choice and from the safety of their homes.

“With kids constrained indoors for longer periods, their access and time spent on electronic devices and digital content is bound to increase. In such a scenario, isn’t it better they spend their device time on something constructive like Mind Wars?”

To participate in Olympiad, one can visit www.mindwars.co.in.

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