Police breaks MLA Seethakka’s Hunger Strike

Telangana NSUI state presidents Venkat Balmoor and MLA Sitakka held Fasting Till Death Hunger Strike at dharna chowk in Hyderabad yesterday morning demanding that the Government Should provide free medical care to the corona Patients,also must provide free ambulance services to the corona victims as well as reimburse the entire bill to Families whose family members were expired of Corona they have incurred in the hospital for the corona through the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The NSUI activists were sleeping on the sides of road in the sun, continuing their fast in the sun since yesterday,as the police prevented them from setting up a tent at the Dharna premises yesterday morning.

This afternoon, Venkat and Sitakka were tested by doctores & later Police were informed by doctors that their sugar levels were falling with which the police forcefully shifted them to Osmania Hospital.But Venkat informed them that he would not withdraw his initiation until the Telangana government promise to meet their demands even when they were forcibly shifted to Osmania Hospital. In this context, Telangana Health Minister Ethela Rajender spoke to Sitakka on the TPCC Vice President & MLA Sridhar Babu rushed to the hospital,Made Venkat to drink the lemonade at his instigation and broke his fast.

On the occasion, Venkat stated that the movement would not stop until the government fulfill their demands and he wouldn’t stop his struggle for the poor people and students until his last breath.

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